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DDS and DAT72

Compact and reliable, with superior cost-performance

DDS has become the world standard for storing and backing up computer data on tape, and now you can enjoy even higher capacity, higher output, and higher reliability than ever before. The ATOMM technology used to achieve reliable, high-density recording on compact Fujifilm DDS3 and DDS4 data cartridges has evolved, and the result is a new generation of DAT72-compliant, metal-coated DG5-170M tapes with 36GB capacity (72GB with 2:1 compression) and high reliability.

Featuring ATOMM technology

An ultra-smooth tape surface for exceptionally high output (only DAT72)

When the surface of a tape is uneven, head contact is poor. This spacing loss results in lower output. Newly evolved Fujifilm ATOMM technology creates an even smoother tape surface than in the past, ensuring improved head contact for consistently high output.

Spacing with Ultra-Smooth Tape Surface Spacing with Uneven Tape Surface
20GB DDS4 - a Huge Leap Forward

Fujifilms DDS4 offers up to 20GB of uncompressed storage capacity (40GB compressed) in combination with a drive-dependent maximum transfer rate of 3MB/Second. The secret behind these astonishing figures is:

(1) a new base film which is simultaneously thinner and higher in yield strength, resulting in increased tape in the cartridge with high durability or reliability and

(2) a refinement of the industry-leading ATOMM technology for even finer particles with higher output allowing increased recording density.

A further factor contributing to the DDS-4s reliability is the innovative 4S (Symmetric Slider Spring Structure) which provides smoother movement of the redesigned high-rigidity cartridges slider section. Taken together, these innovations create a huge leap forward in backup and long-term archiving.

Built Tough for a Long Working Life

Fujifilms advanced technology builds a long and reliable working life into every one of these data cartridges. The combination of a three-dimensional network structure and optimized lubricating system results in exceptional durability.

Minimal Error Rate, Higher Efficiency

Although 4mm systems have error-correction, avoiding errors in the first place is the best solution. An extremely smooth base film and super-calendering techniques give the magnetic layer a mirror finish to reduce the spacing loss that causes errors. Combined with the tapes high output, this results in an extremely low error rate.

Smooth, Stable Transport

Both DDS data cartridges feature SDR (Super Durability and Runnability) backcoating with a very low friction coefficient, assuring smooth transport even with the complex transport modes and mechanisms of these systems. Thanks to their outstanding static resistance, these data cartridges prevent dust accumulation, maintaining their exceptionally low error rate over an extended working life.

DDS and DAT72 Technical Data


( Native /Compressed )
Transfer Rate ( MB/sec )DurabilityAvailable at
PT Amanja Mega Persada
DAT72 36 GB / 72 GB 3.0 MB/s 5000 Head passes Yes
DDS4 150 Meter 20 GB / 40 GB 3.0 MB/s Yes
DDS3 125 Meter 12 GB / 24 GB 1.5 MB/s Yes
DDS2 120 Meter 4 GB / 8 GB 75 MB/s Yes
DDS Cleaning Tape - - 50 Cleanings per tape
(Drive dependent)


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