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Data Storage Media - Fujifilm serves peoples needs through our diverse range of innovative products and services.

We are using progressive technology to improve the quality of life and nurture environmental sustainability around the globe. From data backup to digital media publishing, there is a Fujifilm product that precisely fits the application.

Products and categories in the Data Storage Media:

Find out about our Data Racking System for storage and transport of your media tapes.

LTO Ultrium Data Cartridge

For Further Reliable Data Storage, FUJIFILM LTO Ultrium Data Cartridge will be the Answer

As database- and Internet-related applications require greater data storage, and critical operations demand minimized downtime due to backup operations, new cost-effective solutions are needed.

Data Cartridge 3592

3592 Data Cartridge

Proprietary Nanocubic technology assures high capacity and rock-solid reliability

In today”s information age, enterprise-class data storage systems require the use of storage media that offer both high capacity and high reliability. Fujifilm”s Enterprise Tape ....More.

DDS and DAT72

Compact and reliable, with superior cost-performance

DDS has become the world standard for storing and backing up computer data on tape, and now you can enjoy even higher capacity, higher output, and higher reliability than ever before. The ATOMM technology used to achieve reliable, high-density recording on compact Fujifilm DDS3 and DDS4 ....More.